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Join The 5-Week Create Space Workshop

Get the practical, step-by step guidance and do the deep mindset work that will help you to  transform your space into the home you’ve been dreaming of. Learn techniques to declutter and organize your home, room by room, while enjoying the fun and support of a group.

Take the only home organization workshop you’ll ever need.

Learn to create gorgeous order in your home with professional and compassionate guidance, and the support of an intimate circle.

You’re dreaming of a peaceful, refreshing home.

But right now, there’s clutter, things that go missing, new stuff that keeps flooding in, feelings of overwhelm, sometimes shame, sometimes guilt…

It’s time for CHANGE.

It takes 5 weeks. 5 very real, live classes. Loads of resources, weekly accountability, personal connection, shared stories, laughter, even tears.

And together, we’ll create the spaciousness and simplicity you’re ready for.

organizing workshops israel

This intensive 5-week workshop series is created to help you:

  • Let go of anything that’s not serving you

  • Get your home in easy-to-maintain order

  • Free up time and space for the stuff that really matters to you

  • Create an intentional and simpler life

What you’ll get from joining this workshop:

  • ​Intimate setting for learning: Live workshop sessions with me in a small, intimate circle so you can open topics close to your heart and receive answers to all your questions.

  • Support and accountability: Weekly mini-assignments, Whatsapp group exclusive to our circle , sharing of before-and-after photos and questions, weekly emails recapping the group’s process.

  • Mindset magic: exploration of the emotional reasons we acquire and hold onto more than what we need, tips for how to bring your family onboard, clarity on how to create sacred space and time just for you.

  • Resources: practical tools,  tried-and-tested systems, downloadables, and videos

I’m here for you every step of this journey.

We both know that this is more than just clutter-control.

I’m a body-centered psychotherapist with over ten years of clinical experience. Over the course of the workshop, we’ll look together at healthy boundaries, relationships and habits so that you can achieve deep, lasting change.

Choosing, intentionally and deliberately, what to bring into your life, and freeing yourself to let go and move forward - this is what we’ll practice together. And this is how you’ll create space, in your home and in your life.

decluttering workshops israel


“Naomi's minimalism workshop is one of the best investments and worthwhile experiences I have ever had. My home has never felt better and I feel the benefits in my daily life. The course is totally life changing.”

- ​​Jacky Sherman, Modiin

Are you ready for a fresh, new space?

COMING SOON! Next session begins in March, 2024. 

The workshop runs twice a year, but you can book this as a special program for a circle of friends. LET'S CHAT!

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