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Hiya! Happy to meet you!

You’re ready for your home to feel refreshing and calming. You want to swing open the front door and taste the sweetness of being home.

I can help you make your home:

  • Full of only the things you love. 

  • Beautifully organized.

  • Easier to maintain.

  • Authentically you.

decluttering therapist israel
minimalist living israel


I can honestly tell you: it’s not about the stuff.

I’m a psychotherapist, and I know that to make this journey to simplicity, you need to be at home in your self.

When you’re struggling with an overstuffed home, chances are, you’re also struggling with too many commitments, too many decisions to make, and too little time.

This is why I believe in clearing space, inside and out.

Decluttering alone will not bring about lasting change in your home or in your life. (You already know this!) That’s why we dive in deeper: to set healthy boundaries, choose nourishing habits, and make space and time for YOU. 


“My journey with Naomi helped me understand what is really important to me in all aspects of life, and has inspired my whole family.”

- ​​Inbal Rothenberg Goodman, Jerusalem

intentional living israel

Working with Me

Are you ready for the relief and freedom of a simpler life?

I see you. 
You walk into your home and it’s overwhelming.
Your home doesn’t feel like you. 
The clutter creates tension in your family.
You don’t invite friends to pop by because you feel embarrassed. 
You don’t know where to start.


Talk to me about your vision for your home. 
Let’s start there.

And then, together, we’ll organize your home, step by step, to free up time, space, and energy for the things that truly matter to you. 

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