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Clear your space. Refresh your mind.

Together, we’ll clear the clutter - thoughtfully and with care - to create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain space that’s just right for you. 

Because the goal isn't perfection, but a life well lived.

Naomi Zelwer professional organizer israel

Making Space for What Matters

Create the calm, inviting home you’ve been dreaming of. 

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Naomi Zelwer psychotherapist israel


Welcome to an easier way of life.

Begin your journey to simplicity with a personal therapeutic process. We’ll explore your relationship to the things in your home. You’ll learn how to choose what you love - and let go of the rest. And then we’ll create a plan for your calm, inviting, and organized home. So you can free up your time and your energy for what really matters to you.

Hi, I’m Naomi! Welcome!

Psychotherapist and Simplicity Expert

Decluttering alone doesn’t always last. The clutter creeps back. And so does the despair. 

Let’s face it. We need to go deeper.

So I created a way to address what was missing: the profound therapeutic work around boundaries and relationships. This is decluttering at the deepest level. And when we explore it, my clients begin to feel spaciousness not just in their homes, but in their lives.

israel professional organizer


“Naomi is completely present and non-judgmental. She taught me how to listen to and trust my body while getting rid of my physical and my emotional stuff.”

- Jody Blum, Jerusalem


Home, Made Simple 

No fancy boxes required.

Stories and tips for simplifying your life, clearing your space and not getting all perfectionist about it. Life’s too short to arrange your kids’ Lego by color. Let’s keep it real.

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Simplicity in your home. Spaciousness in your life. 

Less stuff. Less stress.


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